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welcome to slingshot options!

You may never have seen and options trading signal service such as this before. I haven't that's why I invented it!

Options trading can be a wonderful thing but it is tricky. You must know what you're doing. We here at SlingShot Options have many, many years of options trading experience. That certainly helps as markets change behavior from day to day.

SlingShot Options as an options trading service that plays short-term options with drama and flair.  we play very short-term options since we only look to be in a trade between two or five days.

Over to the left to see navigation of various articles as we try to relate SlingShot Options to common options trading terms.  To enjoy some year reading lots of middle he wants you to opt in to our newsletter to receive all sorts of good information on our service and eventually we want you to join our service and test out for yourself and see if we are the real deal.

You really need to check out our performance page and see how we've been doing. SlingShot Options is no joke and if you're interested in potentially profiting dramatically from the markets you need a description to slingshot options.

Please fill out the form bottom of this page to get started with SlingShot Options and on options trading journey you will never regret. You can contact us at any time from the site or responding to any one of our e-mails -- and please do ask questions!



"Free Options Trading Strategies Course Shows You How to Generate a Potential $42,376.78 in Monthly Cashflow on Really Short Term Options"


Imagine Being able to Capture short term power moves on cheap options for incredible leverage and seriously fast cash on a regular basis with really good winning percentage?

You May Not Even understand What We're Talking About so here's an example:

See the 3 Day POT Trade For One Small Example Below (And There are Many More Like This and Better Continually Streamed to you!) 
How Simple Short Term Options Positions are Turning out 3 Day Profits of $29.998.00 and 500% Returns in Just 3 Days!:

To Claim Your FREE  Options Strategy Course Simply Fill Out the Form Below

Look Out for a Confirmation Email from SlingShot Options Explained or Options Trading Authority and Confirm Your Subscription for Your Free Course

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 options trading

Join SlingShot Options Now!

Currently there are Two Service Levels

1. SlingShot Options Silver

2. SlingShot Options GOLD

SlingShot Options Silver:

You Get 3 Stocks with Option Trade Signals, Run Continuously with the SlingShot Options System That Has Had a 15 Month Past Performance of 639.40 Options Points with an Average of 42 Options Points a Month. 3 Stocks (Current 3 (subject to change at any time for maximum profit point gains): AAPL, ISRG, POT - $97.00/mo

SlingShot Options GOLD:
8 Stocks Total - Get 5 More POWER Stocks for Hyper and Huge Moves Run Continuously on the SlingShot Options Trading System (and remember we are using short term cheaper options!): GOOG, FSLR, BIDU, ICE, GS (current list subject to change for maximum power moves)

These 8 Stocks Produced 1,671 Options Points and an Average 111.4 Options Points a Month Over a 15th Month Span Being Run Continuously on the SlingShot Options Trading System.

*$97/mo Additional. BUT you need to join as a Silver Member First to Qualify for GOLD Membership. Information on upgrading will be made available in your Silver members backoffice.

Join SlingShot Sliver Now >>

*Options point volume depends on market volatility in that volatility, rapid price movement is Good! If the markets and the stocks we trade are moving fast we stand the chance of making more options profits with those stocks. Past performance is in no way indicative of future results. We could do worse or we could do better.

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